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    My Services:

    I am very flexible in my approach and will strive to accomodate your needs. I can offer a workshop wherein I will work with your choir directly; or, if you prefer, I can observe your own rehearsal techniques so as to focus more directly on your growth as a conductor. Again, I have done workshops with all types of choral groups - adult choral societies, church choirs, college choirs, high school choirs, and a cappella groups. Another service I can provide is consulting, where I would work with you privately, one on one, with videos of your rehearsals. Also, I may be of help in designing your program, working with you to maximize your strengths as they intersect your conducting situation.


    Available for adult choral societies, college and high school choirs and church groups. These sessions are structured to meet the needs and level of the group and include:

    General Vocal Technique:

    (These are the basics that singers young and old need to internalize from the start.)

    •  Posture and breathing for singing
    • Producing a relaxed, yet fully supported tone
    • Eliminating vocal straining and over-singing

    Group Sonority:

    (Consistently rich choral tone is not an accident. It begins with the first rehearsal and never stops.)

    • Vowels well-produced 
    • Matched vowel color throughout the ensemble
    • Clear diction coupled with rhythmic integrity
    • Developing group intonation 

    Moving towards artistry:

    (Finding the magic of a peak experience is a realizable goal for most choirs.)

    • Allowing the singers to assume ownership
    • Connecting mind, body and spirit
    •   Using kinesthetic and theater excercises to enhance performance



    Available to conductors at any level of experience - novice or veteran. Anyone can benefit from another pair of eyes and ears. 


    (Many problematic issues arising in a choral performance may be minimized by clarifying conducting technique.)

    • Are you clear?
    • Do you show phrases?
    • Are you over-conducting?

     Rehearsal technique:

    (Let's face it, if we don't have rehearsals that are effective, energized and passionate, how can we expect to have a solid concert? It's all about the process - the journey towards excellence!)

    •   Is your pacing efficient?
    • Do you demand (or show that you expect) excellence?
    • Do you transmit the passion that you feel for the music to your choir?
    • Are your goals clear, both to the choir and to yourself?


    (Without a doubt, choosing repertoire is one of the most difficult aspects of any conductor's job description. With over seven hundred pieces in my personal repertoire, I may be able to assist you.)

    • Is the music too difficult/easy?
    • Are you including a well-rounded selection of pieces?
    •  Does your repertoire include multicultural and foreign language pieces?
    •  How to find music for your ensemble

    Working with Instrumental Ensembles:

    (Most of the time, choral conductors will have very little rehearsal time to work with both their choir, and the instrumental ensembles that join them in performance. Being prepared is of the utmost importance. I can help you maximize your effectiveness.)

    • Effective rehearsal planning
    • Preparing the score
    • Conducting an instrumental ensemble