Choral Consulting Services

Group Work:

Guest Conducting

On many occasions I have had the wonderful opportunity to conduct festival and/or honor choirs. It is always a joy to make music with young folks in these situations. Also, many of my colleagues (with choral societies, high school and college choirs) use my services to fill in for them in rehearsal. It is always a pleasure to be of assistance to my colleagues.


Customized Workshops and Clinics

A large part of my career has been spent in service to the profession. Presenting at conventions on various topics, working with choirs at festivals, and/or customizing a workshop or clinic to fit particular need within your organization, are some of the services I’ve provided. Individuals seeking to garner professional level skills in the area of rehearsal effectiveness and conducting technique also have the opportunity of attending the Sarteano Chamber Choral Conducting Workshop during the summer.

Rehearsal Observation & Aid

Whereas most workshops and clinics deal with assessment of the choir, this service is geared toward the conductor. Using video recordings of rehearsals, we will devise strategies to increase rehearsal effectiveness, clarity of conducting gesture, assistance with building choral tone, improve error detection and other topics that may arise during the process. If effective programming for your group is an issue, I can be of service in helping you plan for long-term growth, both for your choir and yourself.

Individual Training:

Conducting Technique

Having taught conducting since the 70s (at both undergraduate, graduate and private levels), I have worked with many individuals who want to enhance their conducting acumen. This work is generally done on the private level and quite often intersects with “Rehearsal Observation and Aid.”

Vocal Therapy/Training

My voice teacher and mentor was David Blair McClosky, who taught at The Boston Conservatory of Music. After a two year course of study, I received Certification as a Voice Therapist. For many years I maintained a studio one floor above McClosky’s on Boylston Street in Boston. My clientele included professional singers and dancers from visiting Broadway shows but also folks with severe vocal issues, such as, nodes, contact ulcers, and chronic laryngitis. My work in voice therapy continued with the Speech Improvement Company of Boston, where I worked with clients in the radio industry to improve their vocal health and production.

Ear Training

Many years of teaching ear training at the collegiate (and secondary school) level has allowed me to develop approaches that improve reading and aural skills. This service can be for individuals or for ensembles. I stress a combination of interval recognition with a movable Do system that always uses Do (whether in major, minor or mode) as the tonic pitch.

Professional Appearances:


When looking to find an adjudicator for your organization, please consider my services. My experience as an adjudicator in New England and nationally has spanned over thirty years, including my work for The American Prize. My adjudicating experience has been at many levels – professional, choral societies, collegiate, high school and middle school choirs. My areas of expertise are traditional choral music and contemporary a cappella.



My services are available to your organization as a speaker on various topics. I can address vocal health issues with teachers, singers and actors. I have taught movement as a rehearsal tool to choir directors. I have spoken at national NAfME conventions about using improvisation as a tool in choral rehearsals.